The beauty in being uncomfortable

Recently I’ve succumbed to being a homebody who rarely goes out to meet people. In other words I’m playing life safe. How in the world did I get to this point? Just last week I realized that I needed to change, because I was unhappy and I attributed my hermit lifestyle to that sad feeling. So in the past few days I’ve challenged myself by getting into uncomfortable situations.


I was in New Orleans, LA for the first time for work and an acquaintance invited me to this thing called Dinner Lab. I immediately knew that I had to say yes. I was in a new city and didn’t want to do the typical tourist thing, so I got a seat at last Friday’s dinner. Now imagine being all by yourself because none of your colleague want to join you, sitting in a loner section at the far table, and being surrounded by groups of people who were friends or couples. The uncomfortable feeling was washing over me like a monsoon. There were even moments I thought about sneaking out and meeting back up with my co-workers, but I’m so glad I stayed.

The experience was truly beautiful. The whole concept is centered around new chefs, new food concepts, and talking with people (which eventually did happen when I was joined by a friendly group closer to dinner time.) For more details on the actual concept of Dinner Lab here’s a video that can explain what they’re trying to do far better than I can:

Here’s a few of my own pictures from the evening:


Peanut butter and jelly cheesecake


Live art during dinner

All I can say about Dinner Lab is you have to try one of their dinner’s for yourself. I was able to talk with locals about where to eat, experience a different type of restaurant, and meet some of the team putting these incredible events together.


After realizing how much I’ve been missing out on because of sheer laziness I felt as if I should squash the boring bug even further and finally register to attend this event called DAYBREAKER. Here are a few posts about their events from the NY Times and Thrillist to help give you a better understanding of what exactly goes down. Essentially it’s a morning rave without alcohol. I’d been receiving invites to attend for awhile, but couldn’t push myself to sign-up until now.

Even as I was getting ready to attend this morning I was having to seriously fight off the urge to just get back in bed, but I’m glad that my adventurous side won. I was welcomed with energetic dancers, good DJ, live brass band, and a great selection of healthy refreshments. I quickly got out of my groggy fog and as I felt the music I just started to dance.

Now while I may not be explaining the awesomeness of this well enough hopefully these photos will do the trick:


Who doesn’t want to dance with vegetables and squids?


Acrobatics + dancing = AWESOME


So life…THANK YOU for the lessoned learned. Being uncomfortable isn’t a bad thing. In fact it can actually turn out to be one of the most beautiful things in life because it forces you to try something new. It makes you get out of the safe zone and grow. Now I can’t wait for the next adventure.


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