Philanthropist Spotlight: Brendan Iribe

Scanning through Techcrunch this morning I came across a story that not only inspired me, but gave me back some faith in the people that make out like bandits in technology acquisitions. The story was about how the Oculus (Hint: the company that was acquired by Facebook for $2 Billion) CEO, Brendan Iribe, is giving back to his alma mater, the University of Maryland, by donating $31 million to build a new technological hub on campus.

Image via Techcrunch

Image via Techcrunch

WHAT!?! Yes you heard that right. He’ll be donating funds to have a new CS department built for future generations of technology dreamers. For more details on what all this hub will consist of you can read the article that spurred this blog post.

Another amazing part of this story is that part of the donation will go to giving scholarships in the name of Andrew Scott Reisse, the Oculus Co-Founder who was killed last May.

I needed to read this article today and I hope you will too. With all the negative news out there about tech leaders behaving badly, ISIS, domestic abuse, California drought, and so on this reminded me of the good that people can do. It made me think of all the people out there who I know personally who are using their resources, whether a little or a lot, to give back and make a difference.

Regarding personal wealth it often seems that our culture is so focused on who’s wearing what, who bought what, or how much someone is making, but I’m more interested in what they’re doing with that wealth to makes a difference. I hope that others read this article and think “What can I do.” It’s not about how much you have or how many numbers you could put on a donation check, but about doing something in the first place.

Excited to read more about Brendan Iribe and hopefully others who are inspired by him.



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