2015 – Game Time


The past few months have been quite the wild ride since I started working on a new project. I’ll reveal it on this blog once it’s launched, but I’m excited to finally be working on a passion project that I’ve been thinking about for the last few years. After pondering it in my head I decided that if I don’t start on it now each year that passes is going to be wasted.

Now this project may take a little time to get up and running, since I’m going up against the one thing that always slows me down….MYSELF. I know that I’ve talked about this at length before on my blog, but this is probably the biggest thing that gets in my way. I have a vision of what my idea is suppose to look like in the end, but I get so caught up in that vision that I don’t even make it to the start.

For 2015 I’m trying to do things differently, and focus on just doing something that will inch me closer to the goal. We’ll see how folks react once it’s finally up and running, but it’s better that I start and possibly fail than never start at all (or so I’ve heard).

If anyone has some tips on getting over this type of roadblock please let me know. I’m going to fight against it to reach my goal in 2015, but any tips and tricks are extremely appreciated.


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