This post may read more like a love letter than a FYI post, but if you haven’t checked out any of Marie Forleo’s videos you need to do that right after you read this post.

I stumbled upon her video series, Marie TV, after a particularly rough day. During that time I felt my life was heading in the exact opposite direction of where I wanted it to go. Once I clicked on the first video I realized this was the thing I needed in my life. It was like having a life coach, but without having to watch my bank account deplete in order to afford one.

Marie’s humor and quick-to-digest insights provide practical advice that can help you refocus on what you really want to do with your life. Now I’m not saying that these videos will magically give you your dream job or put tons of money in the bank, but they can put you in a more positive attitude and help steer you (even if just temporarily) into the direction you truly want to go.

Besides watching her videos on Youtube you can also head over to her site for additional information and videos.

Here’s a few of my favorite episodes so far:

Happy watching!


Can’t afford a life coach? Just watch this series.

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